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Choosing the right construction and restoration services for your home or business involves several critical factors. It’s essential to find a company that executes your project with professionalism, expertise, and affordability. That’s where Trident Construction Group comes in. We are committed to offering reliable, efficient services at competitive prices. Whatever your needs, you can trust us to deliver top-notch results for your residential or commercial property, ensuring excellence in every task we undertake.


A compromised roof can lead to mold, structural issues, and interior damage. Trident Construction Group specializes in both repair and installation, offering a range of materials from classic to contemporary to suit your needs.


Enhancing your home's exterior significantly impacts its appeal. Our siding services update your property's look with a variety of materials and styles, ensuring durability and beauty.


A functional gutter system is crucial for the longevity of any property with a sloped roof. We ensure your gutters are properly installed to manage water flow and protect your property from water damage.


Following a storm, it's vital to choose a trusted contractor for your restoration needs. We offer reliable, quality services to repair storm damage and restore your property to its former glory, avoiding the pitfalls of transient storm chasers.


Navigating insurance claims for property damage can be daunting. With our expertise in policy, settlement, and estimating, we advocate for you to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.


For all your construction projects, big or small, our team brings unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality. From planning to completion, we manage every aspect to deliver exceptional results.

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At Trident Construction Group, we’re here to assist you with your construction and restoration needs. Whether you’re facing an insurance claim challenge, planning a new roofing project, or looking to upgrade your property’s siding and gutters, our team is ready to provide expert guidance and solutions.